Christopher Wilcox

Developer. Googler. Racer.

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Chris is a staff engineer at Google. He brings a passion for making space for everyone in technology and enabling developers everywhere through better tools and libraries.

His current focus at Google is enabling the success of other Googlers by creating technology to connect internal, proprietary hosting platforms to Google Cloud, enabling teams to make the most of both stacks.

Previously at Google, Chris worked in Google Cloud creating client libraries across a variety of programming languages to enable developers to use the platform.

Before Google Chris was at Microsoft focusing on improving the developer experience for .NET, Python, and Node.js developers. Chris was part of the team that authored the first managed .NET compiler (Roslyn) which enabled further developments for developer tooling. Chris worked on Azure Networking early on in Azure, focused on control plane development. The majority of his time at Microsoft focused on Developer Tooling. Chris was a core team member for Python and Node.js Tools, and was a founding member which created Azure Notebooks, one of the first Jupyter based development environments. It was the inspiration for a variety of systems that exist now as part of Microsoft Azure.


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